Barbara Epstein on the antiwar movement

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Wed Jul 2 15:52:21 MDT 2003

Lou,  this is an extremely important topic and I agree with a lot of your
post.  However you know we might one day be able to pick through what you
mean by ultra-leftism and what I mean by it - preferably over a bottle of
good Australian wine.

I agree strongly with you here when you say:

In the course of a rather superficial comparison between UPJ and ANSWER,
Epstein offers up the following profundity: "It would be unfortunate if the
antiwar movement in the United States were only capable of responding to
war, or threats of war." In my opinion this is really its only responsibility.

I personally feel that, certainly here in Australia, we did not make enough
of an effort to crash through the official definitions of what "going to
war meant".

As a result the Australian troops could come home to heroes welcomes under
the slogan of "a job well done".


The internet did help but the horror of the war, escaped most Australians
-even those who opposed it.

I enjoyed your remarks about the relevance of commodity fetishism. Depends
who's wearing the Klein's though does it not?



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