A bit of good news from WA at last (Reposted for Nestor)

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 2 16:49:13 MDT 2003

Eli Stephens, after a mention of other people´s marijuana  medication,

"in a host of other countries, say for example Brazil, the  chance that the
US is going to weaken the military vs. the government by  suspending
military aid is pretty much nil"

In fact, the Brazilian military are NOT against the  government, and for the
GOOD, not bad, reasons. They have decided that their  most important enemy
are the powers coveting Amazonia, USA first and  foremost.

They have thus moved all their war machinery (quite modest  BTW) to the
Amazon Basin far away from the populated core of Brazil.  They  have
espoused a nationalist, Latin Americanist, view. They have been somehow
influenced by the Venezuelan experience. They are supporting any movement by
  Lula towards a stronger and deeper Mercosur, they are very interested in
the  incorporation of Perú to the South American alliance.

Thus, the US would LOVE to keep influencing the Brazilian  army.  BTW: the
new commander-in-chief of the Argentinean army is also of a  nationalistic,
industrialistic, breed. He has already begun the transformation  of the Army
units into hubs of material production the country over, thus  linking again
with the best traditions of the patriotic armies in our  country.

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