British rail union denounces Blair as 'war criminal'

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Wed Jul 2 17:40:04 MDT 2003

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> Subject: British rail union denounces Blair as 'war criminal'
> Union goes to war with Labour
> Cabinet branded 'criminals' on Iraq
> Wednesday July 2, 2003
> The Guardian
> Tony Blair and his cabinet were branded "war criminals" yesterday as an
> organisation that gave birth to the Labour party faced expulsion in an
> historic split with the government.
but the article continues:

"Yet Mr Crow, a former member of the Communist party and Arthur Scargill's
Socialist Labour party who never joined Labour, remains at odds with most of
the other leading lights in the leftwing awkward squad running major trade

If there is any truth in this (and I would have thought the above paragraph
true), then the significance of the RMT's threat is to expose the complete
bankruptcy of the left.  Does it take so long for Crow to spot that the New
Labour party is not the party of the working class founded a century ago?
In fact, it never was a party of the working class, but a party dominated
from its inception by those who turned themselves into a professional
stratum for delivering the working class to the capitalists.  And that is
what British Trades Union bosses do today - including Crow.  When will we
see the day when the capitalists say F**K off, the workers are no so weak we
do not need you people any more?  The Fire Brigades Union leadership have
just smashed the whole union by thinking they could do a deal with New
Labour and avoid the necessity for serious strikes.  Were they mad?  They
certainly seemed to be under a serious delusion that the New Labour
government would cut deals with Trades Union barons.  The whole sickly story
of second internationalism is here.  If you are for your country you are for

What amazes me is that a union lead by Crow could wait until now to think of
the MILD move of considering saying that the New Labour party does not
represent the interests of the working class.  Do RMT leaders not read New
Labour party election manifestos?  Did they not understand why clause 4 (a
clause backing Lassallian nationalisation of the key areas of economic life)
was removed from the New Labour party programme.

Oh dear!


Canterbury, UK.

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