Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Wed Jul 2 13:57:10 MDT 2003

I wrote (Milosovic and bending the stick):

"You want to introduce differences which do not really matter, and that is
the kind of
thing which has led to the decline of the socialist movement. This is
analogous to me running around the street shouting "I want to kill my older
brother, I want to kill my older brother". And my neighbours would think,
"who is this idiot ?" because they would not even tolerate that sort of
behaviour in their children."

Actually, I just met some pre-teen kids in the neighbourhood and one of
them, a goodlooking, rather friendly kid (they were all pretty friendly
really) with one of those greasy Italian-style hairdo's claimed he was "the
Godfather", and that he intended to go into the cocaine trade. Kinda funny,
but also shows you can be a little naive and romantic about kids these days.
I suggested to the kid that taking drugs was stupid, but his argument was
that he was smarter than stupid people, he would sell drugs to stupid people
and pocket the cash.


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