Howard Dean Phenomenon

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at
Wed Jul 2 19:50:50 MDT 2003

I recommend that list members take a look at the Howard Dean for
President blog at

This is a campaign that is catching fire in the US in a sort of
electoral equivalent to what we saw take off around February 15. Without
a doubt, Dean has  grasped the importance of the Internet and is using
it brilliantly, having raised 7.5 million dollars in small contributions
already. He lead the recent poll with around 44% of the vote.

With his Clintonesque political persona and liberal credentials(he
championed a successful campaign for gay civil unions in Vermont and
survived), my guess is that he will emerge as the standard bearer for
the left wing of the Democratic Party.

He cites his opposition to the Iraq war constantly, but on the way to
work this morning I caught a recording of a candidates debate in which
he said that now that "we" are in Iraq, we have to stay...........

Jon Flanders

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