Howard Dean Phenomenon

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Wed Jul 2 22:56:10 MDT 2003

As a good place to acquaint yourself with Dean's less than stellar
credentials, take a look at:

The funny thing is, despite this, he DID manage to beat Kucinich in the poll, and even someone presumably as knowledgeable as Garry
Trudeau just yesterday in a cartoon wrote that Dean was the only candidate
with the guts to take on the right wing, which is wrong on both counts
(i.e., in its characterization of Dean and in its characterization of other
candidates like Kucinich and Sharpton). All of this is certainly
attributable to the mainstream media's promotion of Dean as "the" liberal
candidate. I'm still not sure how an obscure governor from a small state got
that kind of promotion to begin with, but he did.

Anyway, you can argue with your friends and coworkers all you like about
independent working class politics and how voting for a Democrat is simply
not acceptable, but while you're making abstract arguments like that, it's
also helpful to have actual facts to point out how even the "liberal"
candidates aren't so liberal when you scratch the surface.

Convincing people not to support and/or vote for Kucinich is a different
case, because he genuinely is (as far as I can tell) someone worthy of the
name "progressive."

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