Nigerian General Strike: Day 4, Unions to target oil production

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu Jul 3 08:37:42 MDT 2003

Blue-collar union Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas workers
(Nupeng)  has announced today, it is going to shut down the oil terminals
until Friday evening:

>From the BBC:

Strikers target Nigeria's oil
Nigeria's trade unions have said they will start withdrawing workers from
the key oil sector as a general strike continues into its fourth day. [...]
Banks and many offices remain closed and in the upmarket business district
of Victoria Island, protesters have set up barricades across roads,
threatening those trying to get to work and causing severe disruption.
Talks between the government and union officials ended early on Thursday
morning in deadlock.
Nupeng president Peter Akpatason says the oil sector will be closed down by
the end of the week.
"We've not shut down the terminals, it's a gradual process. We're looking at
the end of tomorrow [Friday]," he said.
After talks broke down early on Thursday, Mr Oshiomhole said the unions and
the government were still wide apart on a compromise petrol price.
And he called on all Nigerians "to be steadfast in this struggle".


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