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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jul 3 08:48:59 MDT 2003

Louis, This is going to you first because I am not at my computer, and the subject is the taunt: "bring em on,
and where it came from."

The idiotic colloquial taunt, "bring em on," is an expression used
several times in past years by  John Madden, formerly with Fox, now with
ABC Monday night football.  Madden's use of the phrase occurred when
kicker kicked the ball before the referee dropped his arms- signalling
the kicker to proceed. The ref ordered the re-kick, and to insure that
the kicker got the right signal for the kick on the rekick, waved his
arms in a "bring em on" motion for the official kick. This was quite
humerous and Madden repeated it several times for laughs.  And that is
where the phrase, "bring em on" had its origin, in a football game, the
same phrase used by our demented president to taunt Iraquis that
strenously oppose the occupation of their country by the "coalition of
the willing."


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