Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution

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Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution: A Debate

Adolfo Gilly, Angel Fanjul and José G. Pérez

This exchange of views on the early history of the Cuban revolution was 
published in the 11 May 1981 issue of Intercontinental Press. The first two 
pieces are open letters, one by Adolfo Gilly and the other by Angel Fanjul, 
written in response to a speech given by US Socialist Workers Party 
National Secretary Jack Barnes on 31 December 1978, which was published as 
"Twenty Years of the Cuban Revolution" in the 19 February 1979 issue of 
Intercontinental Press. The third article is a reply to Gilly and Fanjul by 
José G. Pérez, who was at that time a member of the SWP National Committee.

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