Habib, Capitalism in History

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Jul 3 21:08:12 MDT 2003

Nick wrote:

> I don't particularly want answers (actually I *really* don't right
> now,
[ delete boring stuff ]
> just for David and others to consider these questions.

i would want to know where all your questions come from. are these
questions relevant to understanding Habib's article (which I would
like to do) or are you making some other point?

it seems to me that when looking back at history, one has to use the
right magnification for the task at hand. if you zero in on each of
weaving, dying, monetisation, wool, etc. then it may not be possible
or desirable to answer mechanism questions like

  "what role did XXX have in [verb] YYY?"

for lots of reasons, e.g., lack of historically relevant data, desire
to avoid getting lost in details, etc.

personally, each of your questions sounds interesing to me, but then i
tend to be a mechanism-based reductionist at heart.

but its hard to believe that Spanish plunder of gold, for exaple,
didnt have __something__ to do with the rise of capitalism. maybe
you're arguing to just keep it that simple???

les schaffer

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