Habib's article "Capitalism in History", reformatted

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Jul 3 21:43:45 MDT 2003

we occasionaly post on the marxmail website long articles with copious
references, as is the Habib piece. so today i decided to write some
code to format the piece (and others like it) in a little more
web-friendly fashion.

if you browse to:


you'll find the references embedded in the text are now hot-links. if
you move your mouse over the reference tag, you'll see a popup with
the reference displayed. if you click on the tag, you'll get taken
down to the correct place in the reference section. And if you click
on the tag down there, you'll get sent back up to the first place that
reference is called out in the text.

in the future, if you want to download pieces like this onto your own
machine for offline use, be sure to grab this file as well:


which is the GPL'ed javascript which provides the popups. i found it
on the net earlier today.

les schaffer

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