Hobsbawm and Ireland

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Jul 3 23:26:02 MDT 2003

James D wrote
> It has been said that
> it was his influence over Perry Anderson and friends which turned the
> New Left Review into the most radical opposition to the Irish struggle
> for 30 years.

The NLR and Ireland was an odd one.  The most significant political
group represented on the editorial board of NLR was the International
Marxist Group (IMG), British section of the Fourth International.  The
IMG fully supported self-determination, troops out etc, although, like
most of the British far left, they didn't do a helluva lot about it
after the war got taken to Britain.

I wouldn't so much describe the NLR as "the most radical opposition to
the Irish struggle for 30 years".  It wasn't like they had loads of
stuff opposing Irish freedom.  They simply largely ignored the issue.
Quite bizarre.  (Of course, ignoring it was a position too, and perhaps
this is what you meant.)

NLR would rather interview some momentarily trendy intellectual or
review some intellectual fad than provide in-depth material on
imperialist oppression in Ireland.

Philip Ferguson

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