Hobsbawm and Ireland

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Fri Jul 4 00:16:54 MDT 2003

>I wouldn't so much describe the NLR as "the most radical opposition to
>the Irish struggle for 30 years".  It wasn't like they had loads of
>stuff opposing Irish freedom.  They simply largely ignored the issue.
>Quite bizarre.  (Of course, ignoring it was a position too, and perhaps
>this is what you meant.)
>NLR would rather interview some momentarily trendy intellectual or
>review some intellectual fad than provide in-depth material on
>imperialist oppression in Ireland.
>Philip Ferguson

Hi Phil,

Silences and absences are very signifying and meaning making are they
not?  What is remarkable is that their initial silence was at first broken
by Hobsbawm's children and then of course they had to print an attack on
that position.

They did then almost recant and apologize for their silence on Ireland but
of course there never was and probably won't be a true summing up of the
role of Hobsbawm.

Having said that the absolute truth is that the NLR and Hobsbawm are bloody
disgraces in their treatment of the Irish struggle.



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