Nigerian strike update

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Jul 4 01:19:31 MDT 2003

It looks as if the Nigerian uninons and the government have come to an
agreement to finish the strike today. No details are known yet. The unions's
National Executive Council is to meet today.

See this report from  Lagos based Guardian:

Hope as Obasanjo, Oshiomhole, others meet over fuel price crisis
>From Madu Onuorah and Alifa Daniel (Abuja) and Prisca Egede (Lagos)
A FLURRY of activities yesterday in Abuja gave hope of an imminent end to
the current controversy over the recent increases in fuel prices.

The hope was further bouyed by the statement of the Nigeria Labour Congress
(NLC) President, Mr. Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, that discussions on the
face-off might be concluded last night. The Labour leader added, however,
that the general strike to protest the increases, which entered its fourth
day yesterday, continues. [...] Oshiomhole [...] said that much progress has
been made compared to the last four days. Oshiomhole, flanked by Vice
President Abubakar said both groups are close to a final resolution of the
strike "even though what we have is not what we want".

According to the Labour: "Leader, I believe we will finish by tomorrow.
Between this morning and now, we have made more progress than we have made
since last Monday. We can rap up by tomorrow. "We have called a meeting of
NEC tomorrow (today). We are apart (in terms of positions on the prices) I
don't know whether we are near or close. If there is a gap, it is a narrow
now. We are encouraged by the position of the President and Vice President.
We are close to a final resolution even though what we have is not what we

Sources told The Guardian that while both camps have narrowed their initial
demands on the prices, they have asked each other to call its constituents
and brief them on the concessions already made toward final solution to the
crisis. As of Wednesday night, Labour said it could accept a price of N30
per litre while government offered to come down to N38 per litre. By last
night the gap had narrowed.


Latest BBC report:

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