Habib, Capitalism in History

dms dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 4 14:41:00 MDT 2003

None of those questions bore me.  Neither am I equipped at this time to
answer them.  I will have to do a lot more research.

But I will do it and try to answer them, for myself, it not for anybody

Until that time, and after, I am always eager to learn from other
participants' analyses.

And that's about as close to an admission of incomplete knowledge as I care
to make.


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From: "Nicholas Siemensma" e English "countryside"?
> I don't particularly want answers (actually I *really*
> don't right now, this stuff bores the shit out of me,
> so be kind), just for David and others to consider
> these questions.
> Nick
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