Carlyle Group founder disses Dubya!

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at
Fri Jul 4 12:18:16 MDT 2003

i just thought it interesting to see the competing interests at play and
bring it to light.  the left may not ultimately "care" or have sympathy for
dissension within the ruling circles, but i personally think we should be
aware of them and perhaps even use them to our advantage when
possible.  traditional conservatives, top military brass, and the
intelligence agencies, not to mention the neo-liberals of the clinton and
soros variety, are starting to choose sides and even break ranks with the
neo-con clique.  why is this not significant?


At 10:46 PM 7/3/2003 -0700, you wrote:

>Private capital creepazoids criticize Bush personally.
>What are we to make of it? Perhaps they ought to have
>spoken up when he was running for president and kicked
>the old man out, too? Scum finds fellow scum
>unreliable, but there is nothing whatsoever
>significant about this.
>The more important question is what sort of global
>economic environment has the Bush caudillo created for
>the private capital creepazoids like Carlyle. I think
>right now they are running in place waiting for the
>big bets in policy and practice to pay off--Asian
>banks and real estate (and other takeovers), 'national
>security' and 'national health', and federal 'waste'
>contracting (I mean ANY federal contracting).
>C. Jannuzi
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