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Could Nestor please explain the remark quoted below which appeared in his 
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"Had the British won the war through the Southern slaveowners, the seamless 
integration between slavery and industrial manufacture would have lived 
much longer than it did. "Shaping the world to ´its image and likeness´" 
does not mean, for capitalism, to nurture and spawn new fully developed 
capitalist countries, a move that can only be retarded by the natural 
backwardness of the colored peoples. It simply means that the world must be 
turned into the arena for the realization of capital, regardless of the 
dominant productive relation, while it is ensured that a thick enough layer 
of the human species is able to act as the active demand of goods (that is, 
the -in this sense- privileged classes of the First World)."

Where does the phrase 'natural backwardness of the colored peoples" come from?


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