Marxism Against Postmodernism (peter mclaren)

Peter McLaren mclaren at
Fri Jul 4 19:05:57 MDT 2003

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan

Yes, you are right that it is too bad we only managed to invite two female
contributors. Your female peers that you mentioned might be interested in
some articles that I have recently co-authored with a Canadian
Marxist-feminist.  I wish we had invited her to participate in the book.
The articles are listed below.

[The Hobgoblin article is recently out. And so is the one in Cultural
Studies/Critical Methodologies]. Several listed as forthcoming wont be out
for a while. 
The Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies article is a strong critique of
postmodern theory in cultural studies.  the other articles are related to
this theme. Mostly, an attempt to reinvigorate the educational left via
Marxist critique. ]

(with Valerie Scatamburlo-D¹Annibale) Class Dismissed? Historical
Materialism and the Politics of Difference. Educational Philosophy and
Theory, (forthcoming 2003). (Reprinted as Adios a la clase? El materialismo
historico y la politica de la Œdiferencia¹, in Herramienta, vol. 20, ano
VII, pp. 131-146.) 

(with Valerie Scatamburlo-D¹Annibale) The Strategic Centrality of Class in
the Politics of Race and ŒDifference¹ Cultural Studies/Critical
Methodologies,  vol. 3. No. 2, pp. 148-75.

 (with Valerie Scatamburlo-D¹Annibale) Operation Human Freedom. The
Hobgoblin: A Journal of Marxist Humanism.  May, 2003.

(with Valerie Scatamburlo-D¹Annibale) Paul Willis, Class Consciousness,  and
Critical Pedagogy: Toward a Socialist Future.  In Learning to Labor in New
Times. Edited by Nancy Dolby and Greg Dimitriadis (with the assistance of
Paul Willis).     New York:  Routledg/Falmer.

 (with Valerie Scatamburlo-D¹Annibale) forthcoming. Contesting the New
ŒYoung Hegelians¹:  Interrogating Capitalism in a World of ŒDifference¹¹ In
Peter Trifonas, editor,  Worlds of Difference. Palgrave/St. Martins Press.

hi there,

i did a big amazon purchase recently and managed to find a used copy of
this compilation to bundle in together with my order.  have only had the
time to leaf through it, but so far i like what i see.  i've been wanting a
coherent collection of arguments against pomo for a while and seems like
i've found what i was looking for.  don't know if my humble and youthful
opinion means all that much, but just wanted to say kudos.


ps - too bad you only managed to get two (?) women as contributors
though.  =(  i fear some of my pomo-fixated female peers will be
unreceptive at least initially to hearing marxist arguments coming mostly
from men once again.  =(

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