From the Militant: Arthur Lobman (1924-2003)

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Jul 4 20:39:28 MDT 2003

Walter writes:

>>I remember Ethel but somehow don't remember 
him. Can you tell us a bit more than the Militant?<<

I can see his face as it was in the 70's in my mind's eye, but he left
no other distinct impression. The Militant reminds me he was one of the
paper's volunteer proofreaders when I was on the staff.

Ethel I remember very well, I believe there were a couple of posts about
her here in October 1999 when she died, but the archives from that time
seem to be unavailable. only has stuff going back to
mid-2001, it appears from my search. The archive starts in
April 2001. And the "greatest hits" monthly listing from mid-1999 to
mid-2000 isn't available either.


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