NZ Labour: more racist immigration controls

Nicholas Siemensma nsiemensma at
Fri Jul 4 20:44:02 MDT 2003

Philip Ferguson wrote: 
> The Labour government here has just rushed through
> more racist
> immigration controls.  They appeared from nowhere
> and were rushed
> through in a day, without any chance even for public
> representations. 
> One of the most interesting/draconian aspects is
> that people's chances
> to appeal decisions to courts have been removed.

Here in Australia a boat from Vietnam turned up, also
"out of nowhere", off the coast of WA the other day. 
Despite having entered Australian territorial waters,
it was re-routed to Christmas Island before anyone was
told.  If you don't reach the Australian mainland, you
don't get the right to appeal decisions in Australian
courts.  Now it has been revealed that the boat *did*
enter Australian waters, they will have the right to
appeal any subsequent decisions, but they and their
lawyers will have to prepare a case from Christmas
Island, hundreds of miles away.

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