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dms dmschanoes at
Sat Jul 5 15:13:03 MDT 2003

>From Financail Times and WSJ (web access requires fee, I have hard copy

WSJ  6/30: Manufacturing productivity in US grew at 2-3x the rate of the
overall economy 1973-2000.  90% of all US patents, 1963-2000, were granted
in manufacturing processes.

FT 7/1: Mexico, despite 20 fold growth in Mexico exports to US since 1980,
half the population still in poverty.  Since 2001, maquilladora employment
is down by 250,000.

WSJ 7/1: Since EU moratorium on genetically modified foods in 1996, US
exports of soybeans to EU have declined by half, corn exports down more than

Since 1999 major US air carriers have doubled balance sheet debt to 56
billion.  If equipment leases and rental contracts included, debt increased
from 86 billion to 125 billion.  In 2 years (2001,2002) airlines recorded 16
billion in losses. Only steel carrries higher debt+pension burden.

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