Adolfo Olachea arrested in Spain

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Sat Jul 5 16:11:10 MDT 2003

As I reported earlier, our dear comrade Adolfo Olaechea, co-moderator of
Marxism-International and General Secretary of Justice International, has
been arrested while on a business trip to Spain. The precipitating cause of
his detention is a year-old warrant issued by Interpol on behalf of the
Peruvian government (at the urging, no doubt, of the US and its secret and
intelligence services). Those familiar with the work of Adolfo will
remember his tireless efforts on behalf of ordinary people everywhere and
may recall his constant hounding by reactionaries of virtually every
nationality as a result

Characteristically, Comrade Olaechea has waived his rights to a 60-day
waiting period and has chosen to be extradited immediately to Lima to face
the Toledo regime (itself a wholly-owned subsidiary of US financial
circles) and defeat these charges. One can speculate endlessly on the
reasons for this development or the contrast presented by Comrade Olaechea
in facing his judges with that of one of his chief accusers, the former
president who now hides in a foreign country fighting with the aid of his
stolen booty to prevent his returning to atone for his numerous
misdemeanors. It is more important now, I believe, to set about the
practical problems of facilitating Comrade Olaechea's defense and his
successful return to his rightful place in the life of the country he loves
so well.

A number of us here in the US have formed a ad hoc committee to aid Comrade
Olaechea and his family in whatever way we can. We invite all those of good
will to join us. Please contact me at anytime at my home or by mobile
phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

Comradely Regards,
Louis Godena

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