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Martin Spellman martinwriter at btopenworld.com
Sat Jul 5 17:15:41 MDT 2003

	A few of points about this. First, it shows anti-communism is the life
blood of bourgeois ideology: it has nothing positive to offer -- it can only
keep harping on at the same old themes. No blackening can be too severe.
Even though it 'won' the cold war and the 'socialist world' has collapsed,
there is no magnanimity or contentment. They know the 'spectre of communism'
will never be exorcised.

	Secondly, these kind of people feel they can get away with anything. They
are sloppy scholars because who is going to correct them? Chomsky noted that
for 'official enemies' different standards seem to apply and anything goes.
[I once wrote to Mark Urban, a British journalist, who wrote in a book that
the SED (Socialist Unity Party of the GDR) was so called because it wanted
to unite East and West Germany on a socialist basis! This was wrong (I said)
1) because 'unity' referred to unity of communists and socialists and 2)the
GDR had offered to unify Germany in Ulbricht's time, even going so far as
considering forgoing the 'socialist gains' so that Germany would be united
but this did not suit Western imperialism at the time so it never happened.
By 1968 the GDR leadership considered that too long a time had passed and
that 'two Germanies' would remain for the foreseeable future -- such as it
was.] Urban would not be interested in this because it did not serve his
purpose of lauding Western security services. Why get into reality when you
can grind the anti-communist treadmill?

	Thirdly, they are so vicious and unforgiving. You would think that there
would no longer be a 'market' for this kind of material and it would have
passed away with the end of the cold war but if anything it seems to be
getting worse. More and more of this stuff is coming out, much of it pure
propaganda with no historical or scholarly value whatsoever. They will be
slagging off Kim Philby until the world goes supernova.

	Finally, they are not concerned and never were with 'checking party cards'.
As Chomsky has also explained for them 'communist' means not just Marxists
or Marxist-Leninists but anyone associated with *mass movements* and
especially the peace or trade union movement. So all kinds of people who
were never Marxists or anything like that become accused: Martin Luther
King; Charlie Chaplin; Paul Robeson etc. This is especially so when they are
not positively anti-communist. To them this was a key political test: was
someone anti-communist? If not, why not? Anyone who thinks they are safe
because they aren't communists (in the reasonable sense of the word) is in
for a rude awakening. On the contrary anyone who has taken part in real mass
movements knows how anti-communism is used to divert and derail.

	I never heard from Mr Urban and I doubt if you will hear from Ms Applebaum.
They not only concoct this tripe but get paid very well for doing it. I
think with the passing of the Soviet Union and so on and the coming of the
Project for the New American Century this sort of thing will get much worse.

Martin Spellman

> My dear Anne Applebaum,
> I realize that you have a lot invested career-path-wise in flogging
> Communism and might get carried away on occasion like a bull at the sight
> of a red cape. However, your review of Robert Harvey's "Comrades:
> the Rise
> and Fall of World Communism" in the London Telegraph seems to
> detach itself
> from the planet and fly off into the stratosphere. You start off:
> "Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Salvador
> Allende, Mengistu, Castro, Kim Il-sung: the list of murderous communist
> leaders is long, diverse and profoundly multicultural."
> I wasn't aware that Salvador Allende was a murderer, or a communist. Is
> this your own heterodox interpretation or something that the
> neo-McCarthyite movement has cooked up while I wasn't paying attention? I
> honestly can't keep track of all the nutty things coming out of
> the Weekly
> Standard, the NY Post editorial page and David Horowitz's website
> nowadays.
> It is like trying to keep track of car commercials during a
> football game.
> Can you refer me to an article that makes the case that Allende was
> rounding up free-market ideologues and throwing them into concentration
> camps or cutting off their noses? In sorry times such as these, a good
> laugh always helps.
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