A few thoughts

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Jul 6 00:20:03 MDT 2003

In the Fourth International ... they would set out perspectives
and a basic strategy, and then at the next congress they would evaluate how
it went [and] originally it was intended that this would be done in a
rigorous, exacting, precise and conscientious way..."

While you didn't go on to say "but..." I assume there is one. Certainly
there was on in the IS Tendency in the last decade, where if things didn't
go as expected, the goal posts got shifted so that the leadership didn't
look too stupid. I'm not raising this to attack anyone, but to say that
ideas don't exist in a vacuum and if we keep failing it's really hard to
take. So being human we're tempted to fudge things and even the best of us
aren't immune.

>>the Trotskyists were also very keen to be the people who had "got it
right" ("we were right"), "said it first", "did it
first" and so on<<

I remember Chris Bambery from the British SWP coming to Australia and
announcing that "we alone" had stood firm on this or correctly analysed
that. This was catching, and a very good comrade wrote an article for our
local journal which, as it happened, I was editing, and declared that "we
alone" had opposed stalinism. I sent it back with a marginal note listing
the anarchists, left social democrats, George Orwell, J-P Sartre (most of
the time), Victor Serge and many more. If you ever hear "we alone", reach
for the spitwads.

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