Bush's smirk

T.Hartin t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk
Sun Jul 6 03:43:53 MDT 2003

> "They are like the stains on the toilet bowl which
> reveal that we are not as house proud as we should be."

Gary! that's so poetic! Are you the originator of that insult? 'Cos if you
are, let me say it is worthy of having been uttered by Marx himself!

I have to share another quote given at Marxism 2003 which is in progress
at the moment. The quote was made by George Galloway - "the man without
a party" as he calls himself - at the close of his speech at a talk entitled
"What is the alternative to New Labour"

You have to imagine 20 minutes of biting derision against New Labour
delivered in a measured and forceful Scottish brogue. He concluded of Tony
Blair, borrowing from the "Scottish play", Macbeth:

"now he feels his secret murders are sticking to his hands. Constant
revolts are the result of his treachery. Those he commands move only in
command, not in love or respect. His kingship hangs loose upon him, like a
giants robe on a dwarfish thief."

It was one of those moments which propel the whole room unconsciously to a
standing ovation. It is the highpoint of the conference for me so far...


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