Profit. You've got to love it - 001

Duncan Drysdale nacnud at
Sun Jul 6 04:44:52 MDT 2003

{ Disjointed ramblings -- 001 }
Are you churning inside?
Do you know what's outside?
Or are you too fast?
Are you just running to hide?

Don't look at the facts?
Don't look at life
Live it head buried
Deep in that sand

Someone through your whole life has taken your hand
Shown you what to see where to stand what to think
There is a time when you must rise above the command 
See through it to their reason, you are subject.

The subject at hand is your existence
The subject at hand is our life
The subject at hand is your essence
The subject at hand is our future

It is clear and crystal, life will go on
We take the turns they give us
Walk the paths they cut
How long do we want to be in fear?
Live life as if death is always near.

Do you want this for you?
Do you want this for your children?
Do you want this for your wife, husband or mother?
Maybe your father?

Who deserves to live on the edge?
Work longer, no retirement in sight.
When you do, live by the line of bread
Toiled all your life, just to end up dead.

When did you act for the bigger picture?
When did you act to save your community?
When will you act for the planet?

In helping the planet, you help yourself
You are not an island. 
If the bread man didn't do the bread thing
And the milk man didn't do the milk thing 
And the car man didn't do the car thing.
How could your survive? 

Are you somehow magical? 
Can you do it all?
No, you are part of us, we are part of you.
Without us, there is no you
Without you, there is no us.

We have it in us to see through the veils
Capital is there, to mist our eyes and fog our brain
Keep us all running and whirling in pain.
There is a freedom inside, where the human lives
Where we can see the truth and love in each others eyes

You are me, and I am you, and we are us.
I'm for taking it, for us.
Are you with me?

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