Profit. You've got to love it - 002

Duncan Drysdale nacnud at
Sun Jul 6 04:52:10 MDT 2003

Is there a way to speak to day?
Is there a way to shout out loud?

How many folk must hear before they realise that they are here?

What does it mean to us, the people of the world, to know how we are being treated, allowing ourselves to be treated? We have been brain washed. If a Martian were to look at our brains, they'd gleam from the shine that reflected from them. The surface manages to reflect reality and absorb the shit that is thrown at it. It's a magical surface, and maybe one day space craft will be made of it...Bend reality, that way you can travel between points really quickly.

What the fuck is going on? I mean, who the hell would put up with this? If we are lucky enough to be looking back on all of this in 400 years time, I swear to god these ages will seem like the dark ages! We cannot imagine what is to come, but we are the only ones that can influence it! We have to make it together. Can you imagine this stuff that is' going on just now and in the previous century, being even slightly tolerated in the coming time? What!? Disease? Famine? Poverty? Killings? Murder? War!? What the fuck is it all for...You know! I know ! We know! It's all in the name of profit! It's all due to the profit motive! It is everywhere in the world it pervades our ever sense and steals our life and makes us numb. 

We are somehow not connected with that family that just been fucked to death by a death bomb in Iraq!?!??!? How the fuck are we not the same as them!?? Can you image what that does to a person? Seeing folk in your community blown up and maimed or killed? What must that do to you? 

Fuck the twin towers! Capital had that coming, and they needed it. There were staring at an abyss that was not scalable if they had no one to fight, and since the end of that fucking game called the old war, they had no perceivable threat to "fight" against! Fuck me, if we don't all just sit back and buy this pish about "terrorism" and such shit. 

Tell you what!?!?!?!?! Send some fucking white powder through the post, that'll get them all fucking shitting themselves, and we can rule buy fear. They wont know where to turn,  or who to turn to...When the real deal is folks, we should be looking inside, to our humanity, to our communities to our fellow human beings throughout the planet and looking them in the eye and seeing that they are all the same as us, all a slave to profit. We have to make it that we know how to communicate, user the technologies that are at our hands and make the bastards pay for what they are doing to us in terms of our slavery to their every whim. 

We have to look to the future, by looking at the present. Understand it, take it, and make it ours, that is, it "belongs" to every person that's on this planet. What the fuck are we waiting for?!?!? The next fucking life?!?!? Who the fuck knows about that!?! Just fucking take a stance, take a chance, live it for today and build tomorrows. Make it so that your kids and my kids will always have a place to breath, and play and live and cry and love and shout and expand and express themselves! We owe it to our ancestors to take this time and make it ours! We owe it to our descendants to make it better. We have it in us, it is not beyond is here. We are here. We have the tools. We have the knowledge. We have the ability, we just have to take the chance. 

Get out of your fucking house, talk to your neighbour! Fuck me, get the communication thing going. And see that fucking profit creation thing that work is, chuck it in! Stop working for the bastards, make it ours. Take it. Before there's no one here that can think.

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