Bush's smirk

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun Jul 6 06:43:38 MDT 2003

At 10:43  6/07/03 +0100, you wrote:

> > "They are like the stains on the toilet bowl which
> > reveal that we are not as house proud as we should be."
>Gary! that's so poetic! Are you the originator of that insult? 'Cos if you
>are, let me say it is worthy of having been uttered by Marx himself!

Yup! It's a MacLennan original.

>  Macbeth:
>"now he feels his secret murders are sticking to his hands. Constant
>revolts are the result of his treachery. Those he commands move only in
>command, not in love or respect. His kingship hangs loose upon him, like a
>giants robe on a dwarfish thief."
>It was one of those moments which propel the whole room unconsciously to a
>standing ovation. It is the highpoint of the conference for me so far...

Interesting, Tony, this is one of my favourite quotes from the Bard.  I
thought of it on the conferring of the Honourary Doctorate by the
University of Queensland in 1985 to the then Premier of Qld Bjelke
Petersen.  The local Murdoch rag had a photo of him in a chair wearing his
Doctor's robes.

At least because of the protests the doctorate had to be conferred on him
in secret.

warm regards


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