Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution/ratfinks

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Sun Jul 6 08:20:38 MDT 2003

>The point is that the half-baked Marxist - many Trotskyites, always have a
>"rationale reason" for their counter revolutionary utterances about Cuba
>and in
>their petty bourgeois prejudices are devoid of common sense. Their is a valid
>reason Lenin condemned all of L. Trotsky theories and this has nothing to do
>with Stalin or Stalinism.
>Long Live the Cuban Revolution
>Melvin P.

Melvin, did you know that the Communist Party of Cuba (which called itself
the Partido Socialista Popular, or PSP) backed Batista for president of
Cuba in the 1940 elections?

At its congress in 1939 the PSP  promised to "adopt a more positive
attitude towards Colonel Batista". Batista was no longer "...the focal
point of reaction; but the focal point of democracy". (New York Daily
Worker, October 1, 1939).

The Comintern stated in its journal: " longer represents the
center of reaction...the people who are working for the overthrow of
Batista are no longer acting in the interests of the Cuban people." (World
News and Views, No 60 1938).  Historian Hugh Thomas once commented in his
book that the Catholic laity had more conflicts with the regime than the
PSP leaders.

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