(fwd from David McDonald) Bush's smirk

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Jul 6 08:49:25 MDT 2003

T. Martin writes:

> I have to share another quote given at Marxism 2003 which is in progress
at the moment. The quote was made by George Galloway - "the man without
a party" as he calls himself - at the close of his speech at a talk entitled
"What is the alternative to New Labour"

You have to imagine 20 minutes of biting derision against New Labour
delivered in a measured and forceful Scottish brogue. He concluded of Tony
Blair, borrowing from the "Scottish play", Macbeth:

"now he feels his secret murders are sticking to his hands. Constant
revolts are the result of his treachery. Those he commands move only in
command, not in love or respect. His kingship hangs loose upon him, like a
giants robe on a dwarfish thief."

David McDonald replies:

Please, will someone find this entire speech and post it? It will be good
for all our souls. I am reminded of a quote by Farrell Dobbs, which I heard
in a tape compilation about the Minneapolis strikes put out by the SWP: "One
thing you learn in the revolutionary movement is how to hate a son of a

On the smirk itself: I would offer the observation that proto-fascist gangs
or (whatever you wish to regard the immediate circle around Bush as) have a
habit of attracting the small-minded, the narrow minded, the mediocre, and
the stupid. I believe this is a function of the work involved and the ruling
class' desire to let such things unfold, to see where they might go, without
necessarily throwing themselves into them. And things like the smirk confirm
to the rank and file that their leaders are men and women just like them.

"Letting such things develop" in our case means, e.g., Bush's recent
staggering fund-raising efforts, originally foretold to be in the $15-20M
range, now confirmed to be $34M plus. Remember that Bush faces no primaries,
this is just the rich getting their bids in early.

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