Bush Escapes Fall of Constitution in Philly and Waxes Militaristic at Wright-Pat

gdunkel at mindspring.com gdunkel at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 6 21:13:39 MDT 2003

I was surprised at the turnout in Philadelphia -- 5,000 people on a day
that touched 100 dedgrees F without Bush to confront shows that the
anti-war movement can turn itself into an anti-occupation, anti-repression
movement. It was good that the struggle to free Mumia played such an
important part in this demonstration.

Other point was the participation of labor.  SEIU turned out to help set up
the stage, provide early security.  Tom Cronin, president of AFSCME
District Council 47, gave a militant speech stressing the need to get
million into the streets to beat back the Bush attack. He also called for
them to go to the polls but the street came first.


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