Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution/ratfinks

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Sun Jul 6 10:10:12 MDT 2003

Oh joy...well, only on the history aspect of this.

Lenin's polemics against Trotsky were fierce. However, Trotsky gave as good
as he received. The period of 1914-1916 and then the trade union debate
leading up to the 10th Party Congress. These were not Marx and Engels,
writing letters of political symmetry or friendly banter, but rather two
revolutionaries with profound differences but professional, as in
professional revolutionary, respect. This is why Lenin had to battle against
those that accused HIM of "Trotskyism" when Lenin helped bring Trotsky and
his Inter-District supporters into the Party in the summer of 1917.

Permanent Revolution was not the focus point of any serious polemic between
the two. I haven't read everything, yet, on this, but it seems to have never
been much of a debate if there was one...I would differ from Walter on one
aspect...PR was a program/prognostication of the RUSSIAN revolution and how
it would turn out. Trotsky didn't generalize it really until the late 20s,
forced to really, in light of the theory of "socialism in one country"
debate forced on the Party in 1924 by Stalin.

What we do know, Melvin, is that the Communist International printed up
about 4 editions of it between 1919 and 1924 and translated it into 12
languages (not sure of the exact number), including English. That it was
used even AFTER Lenin's death in the Lenin School in Moscow (according to
British Communist Harry Wicks who attended it), run for international cadre
of the Comintern. Was this an endorsement by Lenin of PR? Absolutely not. It
was, however, accepted as "a" theory for tactics and strategy by Lenin's
Comintern, and NO ONE raised an objection until Stalin invented one after
Lenin's death.


David Walters

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