(fwd from David McDonald) Academics on the CIA payroll?

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Jul 6 10:12:26 MDT 2003

David Quarter writes:

> And wasn't it Susan Sontag who was taking kickbacks from the
CIA in the heyday of the feminist movement? I recall reading
something about that in an newspaper article a while back.  I also
remember reading somewhere that Orwell was being blackmaled
by intelligence (?).

If anyone can comment on that?

David McDonald replies:

I have zero info on this, but I wonder about the ethics of casually putting
this out on the internet with memories as vague as the writer's. I would not
wish to be placed in the camp of CIA payees on such a slender reed. Stuff
propagates on the internet with insane speed, the juicier the speedier.
Further, I would thenceforth be disinclined to credit factual matters in
DOQ's posts.

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