(fwd from David McDonald) Re: Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution/ratfinks

dms dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 6 14:21:37 MDT 2003

At one and the same time David McDonald has reservations about someone
surmising that Susan Sontag might have been receiving CIA money, and has
absolutely no reservations about applying the term "ratfink" to those, all
those  but especially Trotskyists, who take some exception to particular
actions and or policies of the Cuban government, even if they articulate
that exception in the course of discussions restricted to other Marxists.

Ah well, there's nothing new in this.  It's been going on since at least the
defeat of the German Revolution of 1923, so why should we expect 80 years,
the collapse of the USSR, the advancing restoration of capitalism in China
to change anything?  Why indeed.

Let's be clear what the term "ratfink" means.  It means "strikebreaker."
It's used as term to finger others for hits.  That's what it is, not just
throw down language, but the language of show trials and execution.

It is not my purpose to reengage in the debates of the past with those who
wholeheartedly and continually endorse policies past and present that have
lead to the disorientation of the revolutionary movement, and the
restoration of capitalism in Russia, Eastern Europe, etc.

I simply want to point out where the policies of the originators, and
endorsers, of show trials have lead us. And how some of us know how eagerly
some of  those advocates of execution anticipate the date when they get to
point the rifles.


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