Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution

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Sun Jul 6 14:28:15 MDT 2003

"Requires" is the decisive word here.

It's a distortion of Trotsky's theory to
insist that this is "required" but those
who label themselves as Trotskyist
faulted the Cubans who led their
Revolution for not having put forth an
explicitly socialist program.

THIS is the key "requirement" where
Trotsky's analysis of the Russian
Revolution of 1905 have been frozen
into a "demand" that revolutionary
movements explicitly adopt an anti-
capitalist political program. That is
the reason why I have left the idea
of "Trotskyism" as a distinct current
in Marxism. Please feel free to call
this "stagism" if you think such a
label is helpful, however.


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I'd like to know how the analysis of
permanent revolution, where the seizure
of power by the workers in any one
locale of capital, requires concurrent,
consecutive seizures of power
throughout the universe of capital
to be successful, no longer applies.

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