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> revolution/ratfinks
> In the years after the triumph of the Russian
> Revolution, Lenin dropped his polemics against
Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution. They had
other disagreements, but as far as I know, worked
together despite having those disagreements. In other
words, they moved on.

Lenin did not drop the polemic, he changed positions
from his initial "geometrical" position of the support
for a provisionary government to that of the
uninterrupted tasks after the overthrown of autocracy
as indicated in his April Theses.  It was a confluence
of opinions between Lenin and Trotsky on the
essentials of PR and the party and since then,
according to Lenin, "there was not better bolshevik
than Trotsky."

> Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution, as I said
> in
> the last episode, was better as a description of the
> logic of a process, but wrong as s PRESCRIPTION
> or as a program for what should be done. It was due
> to the SWP's acceptance of the theory of permanent
> revolution as a program, as a PRESCRIPTION of
> what should be done, that they took their position
> in
> opposition to the Cuban leadership of Fidel Castro.

This is nonsense.  PR is the definition of tasks
according to the class structure and the dynamic of
fullfillment of democratic demands that the
bourgeoisie cannot or will not carry out.  As all
Marxist theories was never intended as prescriptions
but as the framework for analysis out of which program
flows. PR as such theory had been fully vindicated by
events, the false application and udnerstanding by the
SWP led to their cpaitulation and confusion - both
theoretically and politically.

> Using terms like "ratfinks" can only inflame and can
> never clarify anything. They only serve to poison
> the
> atmosphere for discussion. 

Certainly.  It is also the recognition of weakness and
lack of theoretical and political development. Like
saying that the Tourism Police does not exist in Cuba,
denying reality to score a point in a discussion.


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