Academics and the CIA

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Sun Jul 6 12:12:38 MDT 2003

David Quarter:
>  While I was perusing a Canadian sociology department website
>last year,  I came across a researcher who claimed, amongst his
>interests, academics on the payroll of the CIA. Unfortunately, I
>forgot to write the dude's name down (it was York University's
>website). I wonder: are there academics who have written on this

The CIA, Political Bias, and International Relations Scholarship --
A Debate

Beginning in 1999, a controversy emerged in international relations,
concerning alleged political bias in the professional journals. The key
assertion that I and others have advanced is that academic writing in this
area has degenerated into a crude apologia for American hegemony.  A series
of articles appeared on the resulting controversy. More recent articles on
this topic also have focused on the CIA's connections to political science
and academia more generally.

On this page, I connect interested readers with the relevant source
material.  The first article, from the Chronicle of Higher Education does
a  nice job of laying out the basic issues and events,  and it is a good
place to start. Note that some of the databases listed -- Lexis and EBSCO
-- are proprietary and can only be accessed from libraries that have
subscriptions. The direct web links are all freely accessible.

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