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Sun Jul 6 12:21:22 MDT 2003

> Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2003 13:28:15 -0700
> From: "Walter Lippmann" <walterlx at>
> Subject: Re: Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution
> Trotsky's analysis of the Russian
> Revolution of 1905 have been frozen
> into a "demand" that revolutionary
> movements explicitly adopt an anti-
> capitalist political program.
> ==============================
Well, yes, I thought socialists worldwide did organise on an anti-capitalist
programme.  That is what socialism means ~ a society without class
oppression (therefore it is a 'true democracy'  Marx discovered quite early
that his interest in true democracy coincided with revolutionary workers'
demand for communism.)

I can see that one can oppose US attacks on Cuba, the invasion of Iraq, the
EU's policy on agricultural support (because of its impact on third world
farmers, keeping them from one of the richest markets of the world) from a
variety of perspectives other than socialism.  The British left-liberal
Guardian newspaper does that.  If you do not base your political struggles
on an anti-capitalist political programme you are a liberal, a nationalist
or whatever, someone standing in the way of world wide worker unity against

Walter seems to be accusing Trotskyists of demanding socialism.  Well done
Trots then, I say (I've never considered myself a Trotskyist and am little
influenced by Trotsky's ideas.)  At least the Trotskyist tradition remembers
that the socialist movement is a movement for human liberation, not forced
labour in jade factories, slave camps in Siberia and other adornments of
what some people used to describe as 'really existing socialism.'


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