A query to a professional anti-Communist

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Jul 6 15:43:40 MDT 2003

Being on the payroll of the CIA was pretty common among academics in
North America.  Usually in involved reading and writing digests of
foreign publications of interest to the agency.  Nevertheless, I'd not
underestimate the importance of this sort of thing.

A few years ago, I clashed with a prominent "radical" academic over
postmodernism and the entire run of pseudo-radical "political
correctness" as caricatured by the Right.  When located the c.v. on his
website, I learned he had been abroad under research grants from the
USIA.  How like the established powers like to try to control both sides
of the debate!

The Right wingers used to hold--and C-SPAN (which declined to cover
Labor Party events) used to cover--"academic" conferences on the 1960s
full of repentant "radical" academics I had never heard of.  Most were
never really radical, had only had the kind of marginal association with
radicals, or--one suspects--were hanging around as informants.  Remember
the disclosures of the SWP's COINTELPROL suit.

There were many thousands of these characters watching and intervening
on the Left.

Mark L.

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