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Mark Lause wrote:

Being on the payroll of the CIA was pretty common among academics in North
America.  Usually in involved reading and writing digests of foreign
publications of interest to the agency.  Nevertheless, I'd not underestimate
the importance of this sort of thing.

Response (Jim C): When I was a grad student at University of Manitoba in
Canada in the early 1970s I used to have lunch with a grad student in Psych.
One day he told me that the new Psych/Zoo building was built with funds from
various grants among which were some from a professor doing
"sensory-deprivation" research named John Zubek. He told me that they had a
whole floor, accessible only by special key, on which they had 24/7 armed
guards to prevent access. He also told me that they were using undergrad
students taking Psych courses as subjects for sensory-deprivation" research
giving them extra-credit for their participation. He also told me that they
were beginning to get into research on the possible effects of microwaves on
jumbling human neurophysiology (first begun by the French CRS in the late
1950s/early 1960s as a result of a chicken farmer finding his chickens
immobilized near microwave towers).

Naturally this piqued my own interest and the interest of other activists.
We began to do some research on Zubek. We found out that he was funded
through the Canadian Defense Research Board and some other entities but that
the real origins of their research funding and focus was the U.S. Army,
British Government and some other entities. We also got a copy of the
Compton Report (actually a whitewash) of the British government on British
interrogation techniques in Northern Ireland which cited John Zubek over and
over as having provided the theoretical and experimental approaches to
developing the interrogation techniques used by the British in Northern
Ireland. There were numerous references to pain threshholds and
susceptibility to pain and manipulation as a function of the extent and
nature of sensory deprivation in the report.

We made all of this public at the time and launched campus demonstrations
against Zubek. We quoted from the Compton Report and gave the evidence of
the sources and nature of Zubek's funding. We made the analogy that Zubek's
work was no different than a chemist making Zyklon-B gas for the nazis. In
August of 1974, Zubek committed suicide--after full-blown exposure made his
secret work at University of Manitoba no longer tenable--although the exact
nature and manner of his death is still a mystery today. I, and some others,
were blamed by some of Zubek's friends and colleagues for his death.

Other research along these lines--before and after Zubek--has included:

Operation Paperclip 1945: Bringing in nazi "scientists" who later worked on
MKULTRA and the like;

CIA experiments on erasing memory of retiring agents 1947

1952 Project Moonstruck (electronic implants in the brain for

1953 MKULTRA (LSD and other chemicals for mind control/manipulation);

1954 Project ARTICHOKE (drugs, electronics and electroshock);

1955 CIA experiments to produce discrediting behaviors

1958 Project Orion (aka Dreamland) U.S. Air Force (drugs, hypnosis,
microwaves, radar)

1960 MKDELTA (aka Deep Sleep)  longrange use of finetunned electromagnetic
subliminal programming

1973 MKSEARCH (to find top secret funding to continue MKULTRA programs)

1974 (February 24) Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry at
Yale Medical School quoted in the Congressional Record conerning his work
with implants: "We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of
our society."

1977 Work on MKULTRA of Dr. Ewen Cameron in Canada--also used indigent
Natives and Native children.

1983 Phoenix II program (aka ZAP and Rainbow) U.S. Air Force and NSA at
Montauk, Long Island (electronic means to influence large groups and
geologic activities).

1989 Trident Program (aka Black Triad) electronics and use of helicopters
for large-scale crowd control;

1990 RF Media Program (aka Buzz Saw): electronics, cellular phone systems,
national TV and radio to influence and control behavior and opinions of
large segments of the population;

1993 Dr. Grydon Hammon of the University of Utah School of Medicine:
federally funded experimentaiton on mindo control, brainwashing,
posthypnotic suggestion, programming and induction of multiple

1995 Project HAARP: mass population control through electromagnetic resonant

1997: Project Clean Sweep: variation on Project HAARP;

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Jim C.

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