Widening aggression against semicolonial peoples, and a question about Indonesia

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Jul 6 18:00:49 MDT 2003

>>However, I think ... a demand that Australia cease sending arms to
Indonesia amounts in the current world situation to a demand for economic
and military sanctions against the Indonesian government and helps prepare
Australian imperialist actions against the oppressed nation of Indonesia
that are also in preparation today.<<

Fred, this is a fair question, but you're mistaken.

Imperialist strategy in general, and especially Australian strategy in the
archipelago looks to Jakarta, and specifically to the Indonesian military
(TNI), to hold things together. This comes out quite clearly from every
bourgeois analysis.

This is because there is no other capitalist institution that can do so. To
a fair degree the military IS the state. (That's why the TNI is so huge;
not because it plans to invade Australia, as our local paranoids assume.)

Australia is sending troops into Pacific Islands because it fears
instability. The TNI is the main force minimising the  spread of
instability in the archipelago.

We should not assume that Canberra wants to run the entire region
militarily, they don't have the capability for that. I They just want to
legitimise their ability to send it troops *as required*.

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