Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution

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Walter Lippmann wrote:
> Subject: Re: Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution
"[...]but they do have a patch on one arm calling
> them the "Policia Especializada" and
> they wear a certain kind of beret that
> distinguishes them from the regular
> police whose caps have visors. 
> I'm told they have special training to
> deal with assisting tourists, and I'm
> also told that they also do a certain
> amount of racial profiling. I don't deny
> these realities.

> "I'm told they're significantly better
> paid as a way of trying to ward off
> bribery and so on. 
> "They are indeed assigned to tourist
> areas, but they are also assigned to
> other non-tourist areas, for example in
> the vicinity of large dollar stores and
> such."

> "Thus, if you want to call them "Tourist
> Police" you can do so."

Good.  I'm glad that thanks to the discussion you
actually went around and learnt some facts.  That's
what discussions are all about, not denying facts a
priori because they don't fit your pre-conceived

You stated that since those cops did not exist - now
you changed and said they DO exist -- was a proof that
I never visited the Island. Double wrong that did
nothing but obscure and rarify the discussion ...
without a need.

In fact, contrary to the some rigid thinkers in this
list I stated in my original post that the existence
of those cops, as well as prostitution and bribery,
boterismo and smuggling were not the REAL issues, but
the exterior symptoms of other more improtant

Thus, those who would like to see just prudity and
moralism are themselves warpped in moralism, since
those who don't can see beyond the superficial
symptoms and inspect the real disease.

> To me the glass is more than half full.
> I take it that to some, the glass is more
> than half empty. Much more than half.

The parameters of Marxism is not to simply define
whether the glass is half full or half empty - in
fact, under the conditions of such primitive method of
thinking - that gave us the lesser evil mosnter -  I
would agree with you that is half full -- but indeed
what is important is determining half full of what?


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