Trotskyism and the Cuban revolution/ratfinks

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Cuban revolution/ratfinks
> I do expect people who come from a Marxist tradition, or think they do or
> wish they did, to try to operate in the real world and in particular to
> attempt to understand the problems of actually leading a government of the
> people

But that is exactly the issue.  For Marx, socialism requires the end of
politics, the end of government, the beginning of an era of popular rule.
There were hundreds of democracies in the ancient world, of which Athens is
the most famous.  Democracy without class rule is possible ~ that is what we
have in our personal lives.  That is why Capital is only an integument that
needs to be kicked through.

'Marxism', experts who rule the workers in their interest, was part of
Marx's opposition in his life time.  That is why the working class don't
support 'marxist' wannabe rulers.

It is Tony Blair

It is Hoxha.

It is Bismarck.

It is not us.

Canterbury, Kent.

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