Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution

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Sun Jul 6 19:41:54 MDT 2003

David McDonald:

> Melvin P is quite correct to rant against the
> "ratfinks" who bring their morality and attempt to
impose it on a living revolutionary process that is
> doing quite well, thank you. I like his arguments
> and his tone is justified.

You got it all wrong David, and you did not address in
your latest , dms's criticism of your above-quoted

The times in which terms like "ratfinks" can be
labeled to anti-imperialist Marxists are over, not by
design, but by the material forces that ended the rule
of Stalinism.

Any justification of its usage is inadmisible and
should remain such in the Marxist movement if we are
going to go anywhere, any time soon.

There is no socialist society in Cuba, but an
intermediate, weakened society.  Presenting it
otherwise does not help the cause of the struggle for
socialism as you present something that is not for
what is supposed to be.

Cubans will not benefit one bit out of this denial of

There is no revolution going on in Cuba, but an
established political regime that has suffered
setbacks and regressions.  Is no doing well - to a
great deal thanks to imperialist siege and partly by
design of those in charge of the political regime.

Saying "is doing quite well" does not help to clarify
anything and is simply denialism. Only recognizing ALL
of the obstacles, not just some, would help to clarify
the discussion.

> The outraged whining about the executions of the
> hijackers (coming from alleged socialists, who ought
to know better, whining is a defendable
> formulation) is equally obnoxious.

Whinning? I only read whinning from people *defending*
the executions outside the historical framework in
which they were carried out.  The executions were
carried out not during the process of the conquest of
power by the rebellious working class, but a regime in
power fearful of its own weaknesses.  There was not an
inch of moral indignation in the criticisms, it was
political repudiation of the methods of the

Those who defend the executions and harsh jail
sentences of the Cuban regime or that deny that
prostitution or boterismo are the tip of the iceberg
of deeper political/social and enconomic problems of
the Cuban society are the ones whinning about "petite
bourgeois" moralism *BECAUSE* they see the political
discussion and debate on petite bourgeois moral terms

No one in this list ever from those who criticized the
existence of social-economic problems in Cuba as
result of the existence of a given political regime
said that prostitution or boterismo or the existence
of Tourist police were moral issues, on the contrary
they presented them as symptoms.

They were made "moral" issues by the comrades who
cannot stand a simple codification of facts to prepare
a discussion without being compelled to get "offended"
or "morally outraged" and therefore abusive in the
terms they use in the discussion.

The Caterpillar (as in tractor) in on the eye of the


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