David Quarter davidquarter at
Sun Jul 6 19:36:36 MDT 2003

   I didn't write this, but if you like, I could forward your remarks to
the guy who did?


> > the real struggle is fundamentally about the
> > way the societies of the industrialized and developed north
> > are (mis)governed that needs to be the focus of our efforts
> > and the effort to decolonize the hegemonic and dellusional
> > mentality in the West that sees its own agency as the
> > solution to all Third World problems
> It is sad that there are people who rave like this.  This list is about
> Marx.  Decolonize is not going to happen if Capital survives.
> The issues is Capital v. the working class
> not
> the industrialized and developed north v. the Third World.
> Anyone who thinks the 'third world' could grow rich and happy without the
> defeat of Capital has missed the plot of the drama we are in.
> As Lou kinda said, exploitation by death is more prejudicial to the working
> class that exploitation by getting a faster photocopier ~ which is more
> beneficial to Capital.
> Richard.

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