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Sun Jul 6 20:37:10 MDT 2003

John Paramo:
>Cubans will not benefit one bit out of this denial of

Nor will we benefit from reminders that there is prostitution in Cuba, etc.

Just let me remind you about the mission of Marxmail, just to ground you in
reality. This is not a Duma for the entire left to battle with each other,
even though there is no other mailing list on the Internet that has as wide
a political representation as this one.

It was established as a break with traditional Marxist-Leninist conceptions
of party-building and the political culture that this engenders. This has
meant that we bracket out the "Russian" questions and tendencies to
reformulate them in terms of how to assess the Cuban revolution, as either
a state capitalist society, deformed workers state, etc.

The people who find value in Marxmail, as opposed to those who "intervene"
here, also find little value in the traditional Trotskyist approach, even
though there are obviously some exceptions.

But we can't allow ourselves to get sidetracked into a never-ending debate
about the character of the Cuban revolution. I suggest to John that he find
ways to use Marxmail profitably. There are lots of questions that don't
involve the same level of ideological commitment.

I am strongly sensitive to repetitive arguments pro or con on questions
such as how to evaluate Cuba. It is not just a problem for those who think
that Fidel Castro needs to be overthrown. I am also guarding against a
dynamic where defenders of the Cuban revolution dig in their heels to
counter the attacks. And then the same arguments get repeated and repeated
and repeated.

My suggestion is to move on, since I doubt if we will hear any new
information on prostitution, tourist police, executions, etc. This list
thrives when new information is being presented in such a fashion as to
allow everybody to make their own judgements. Judgements without the
mobilization of new information tends to be sterile.


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