US SWP and Cuba

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at
Mon Jul 7 00:14:36 MDT 2003

Interesting editorial from the Militant in 1960, Walter.

I think if you look critically into SWP history you will find quite a
lot of such dissembling.

It always comes as a shock when those of us who were trained to think of
the US SWP as the purest, most healthy and most solid and experienced
revolutionary organisation in the world first find out that this is far
from the case.

Philip Ferguson

PS: Didn't you just love the snide reference in the Militant editorial
to the Cuban leaders being petty-bourgeois students?  Just like Hansen
himself originally, the YSA and the next generation of SWP leaders. . .

Except Cuba's pb students went out and organised a revolution, whereas
the ones who took over the leadership of the US SWP simply destroyed the
organisation they inherited.

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