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Cuban revolution/ratfinks

Cuba would attempt to find some way to deal with the inevitable
prostitution problem (they're not just coming to Cuba to tour the
factories, folks), petty-bourgeois moralism is always the same and
ultimately boring, because it is based on a moral stance that comes
outside space and time. Where from then? Marx, Poverty of Philosophy:
ideas themselves have been slumbering in the heart of God the Father
the beginning of time."

Why don't you explain the "prostitution problem" that you are so
forthright about to us? I'm not sure that I understand the nature of
this "problem". But I do know who the petty bourgeois moralist is when
Castro vows to crack down on "crimes" like prostitution. It's almost
like the crime of homosexuality used to be, isn't it? Now I wonder where
the bearded patriarch of the Cuban revolution got his ideas on sexual
morality from? Maybe the 'hardnosed realist' on the list could explain
to me.

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