Fidel on permanent revolution: "if it stops, it is not a revolution"

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at
Mon Jul 7 03:49:55 MDT 2003

Reading around on the Internet in connection with the two recent posts
about Cuba, Permanent Revolution and so on, I found an extraordinarily
interesting interview with Fidel on exactly these sorts of issues. There
is also a very interesting section on the problem "sectarianism" and
what Fidel calls a "caste" approach in doling out positions, taking
privileges and so on, as well as an explanation that there is a
difference between bureaucratic centralism and democratic centralism.

The translation isn't all that great, it is overly literal and there are
several obvious errors, but still quite readable and useful.

The full text of what I found is here:

Below is just a little taste:

*  *  *

Stages of the Revolution
Question: Could you describe for us the principal steps of the dynamic
process that took place between the triumph of the Revolution and the
when it could be defined as a Socialist Revolution, including your
description the ideological evolution of its team of leaders?

Answer: There was only one Revolution. It was like a child who passes
through several stages of growth to become a man. It cannot be broken
into two distinct revolutions; it has only steps. The basic premises are
conquest of the revolutionary power and, of course, creation of a
force to back up that power. The military conquest destroys the dominant
classes. It must not be at the call of Imperialism and Oligarchy....

The Revolution is a developing, dynamic process. But there is only one
Revolution. If it is not a revolution, there is no revolutionary
And if it stops, it is not a revolution....

*  *  *

Question: Is it the bourgeoisie or the dictatorship of the proletariat
that is called upon at this time to fulfill the first stage of
that is, national liberation?

Answer: Revolution can only be carried out by the dictatorship of the
proletariat, because the State must be in the hands of the classes who
been oppressed up to this time....

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