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Let me repeat, the publicity concerning CIA payments to a leading feminist
are in reference to Gloria Steinem not Susan Sontag.

And in anticipation of the next mis-speculation:  Steinem not Sontage was
once a Playboy bunny.

Can we move on now?

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> On 6 Jul 03, at 1:25, David Quarter wrote:
> ...
> >  And wasn't it Susan Sontag who was taking kickbacks from the
> > CIA in the heyday of the feminist movement? I recall reading
> > something about that in an newspaper article a while back.  I also
> > remember reading somewhere that Orwell was being blackmaled
> > by intelligence (?).
> >
> > If anyone can comment on that?
> ...
> The CIA and other institutions had an active program in the lated ' 60s
> and early '70s of subverting groups like the National Student Association
> and some literary magazines.  Sontag may have written for some of them
> but a Lexis-Nexis search didn't turn up any mention of charges that she
> was directly paid by the CIA.
> It's hard to prove a negative but I personally would be careful about
> making such a charge -- I'd rather base it on the contents of her work
> /greg.

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